Fully Female

Integrating the feminine

In the modern working world women are generally encouraged to show up only in ways that men do, therefore shunning aspects of their physiology or feminine energy. By doing so women cut themselves off from unique potent powers. They can also experience problems with self esteem, painful menstrual cycles, chronic fatigue and even complicated births.

For some women, part of the journey of becoming fully human means reintegrating the parts of being female that have been ignored, so that they can show up with more vitality, courage and creativity.

If you'd like to explore your unique powers, chat to us about some specific coaching or join us on one of our weekly online women's circles.

Join one our WEEKLY online women's circles

Just $29 per month for unlimited access to a safe, online, women only group, where you get to feel supported and heard.


As women, we've been sitting in circle for thousands of years. Its what we do. We are wired for connection. However for many of us this might not feel so true. Modern day has snapped us out of connection and some of us lead lives of silent isolation. Our online circles are offered weekly at different times to make sure you find a time that suits you. They are safe spaces, carefully facilitated, to allow you to show up as you are.

There is a bonus too! It's proven that when women feel safe and share time in the company of other women they release oxytocin. Yes. The love hormone that does wonders for our mental and physical wellbeing. Ready to feel good about yourself? Come join us!