IT's all about love

It may be a cliché, but it's true. We love being human and we love living life with deeper impact and deeper intimacy.


We’re guided by the principle that our own potential and the potential of others is rooted in the process of both waking up (spiritual development) and growing up (personal development).

Embarking on this journey enables us to become more fully human, and more capable of having the kind of profound collaborations desperately needed to address the wicked problems of our times. 


We know growing up can be messy. Like you we stumble and fall at times. That’s okay. It’s to be expected, it’s even welcome. It's part of the neverending journey of becoming more you, of becoming Fully Human.

Want to journey with us?

founders & Facilitators

Giles Kershaw
Adriana Naili
Founder, Facilitator & Coach
Jesse McKay (Meta Integral)
Lead Facilitator
Fully Embodied Retreat
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